City Council

The government of Lenoir City is based upon the Mayor-Alderman form of government. This form of government was established in 1907 when the City was re-incorporated into what is now known as the modern City of Lenoir City.

The City is governed by a seven member Board of Mayor and Aldermen, elected at-large and on a non-partisan basis for four-year staggered terms. The exception to this rule is that the Mayor is elected at-large for a two year term. Elections are held in November, the first Tuesday of the month, during even numbered years.

The current board of Mayor and Aldermen is composed of the following: Mayor: Tony R. Aikens, Council members: Mike Henline, Douglas "Buddy" Hines, Bobby Johnson, Sr., Jim Shields, Eddie Simpson, and Harry Wampler.


Tony R. Aikens - Mayor

Douglas "Buddy" Hines- Vice Mayor

Mike Henline - City Councilman

Bobby Johnson, Sr. - City Councilman

Jim Shields - City Councilman

Eddie Simpson - City Councilman

Harry Wampler - City Councilman

Jim Wilburn - Recorder Pro-Tempore


W. Dale Hurst - City Administrator

James K. Scott - City Attorney




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