In 2012-2013, sworn personnel included: 25 full-time police officers, 3 part-time police officers, and 13 reserve officers assigned to patrol the City.  There are two bicycle patrol officers as well as a K-9 handler included in the full-time police officer count.  These officers are assigned to an 8 hour block of time and each shift is commanded by a lieutenant.  General patrol functions include response to calls for service, alarm response, and traffic enforcement.  These officers are specially trained as crime scene technicians, traffic accident reconstructionists, advanced traffic accident investigators, and K-9 handlers. 

The automobile fleet consists of 25 patrol vehicles, of which all are equipped with in-car video cameras.  Our resources of personnel and equipment assist the Lenoir City Police Department as it strives to keep the local highway system safe for the use of our citizens and motoring public by strictly enforcing municipal, state, and federal laws.

2012-2013 Lenoir City Police Department Personnel

Sworn Personnel

Chief Don W. White
Lieutenant G. Morgan
Lieutenant J. Tinnel
Lieutenant D. Flynn
Sergeant E. Range
Sergeant J. Butler
Sergeant L. Ladd
Sergeant J. Dishner
Detective K. Arnwine
Detective J. Sarten
Detective J. Fine
Officer A. Bean
Officer R. Eubanks
Officer D. Guider
Officer J. Whitt
Officer B. Gentry
Officer S. Brewster, SRO
Officer E. Lawson
Officer J. Felts
Officer K. Condee
Officer S. Tilley, SRO
Officer B. Burley
Officer K. Sennett, K-9 Handler
Officer D. Lorenz
Officer B. Brown

Civilian Personnel

Cynthia Noles, Administrative Assistant

Part-Time Sworn Personnel

J. Anderson
T. Park
T. Buckner

Reserve Officers

T. Yates
B. Patteson
P. McFall
T. Holloway
J. Maples
T. Craig
C. Freels
C. Noles
C. Dragon
B. Johnson
D. Howard
C. Parker
C. Tinch




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